Axel England

After serving in the United States Air Force for four years, Axel England joined the Enmark team in August of 2004. England currently serves as the manager for the Hardware / Network Support Department. He has the MCSE certification in Microsoft Server 2003 and his MCITP: Enterprise Administration certification in Microsoft Server 2008.

BJ Upell

BJ Upell is a Regional Sales Manager at Enmark Systems. He focuses on business development in the southern region of the United States and spends several months of the year in Texas and nearby states. In Upell’s free time he enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and surfing (in that order). Upell is the founder of EnGYM, the greatest gym in Ann Arbor.

BJ received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Western Michigan University.

Brendan Rutledge

Brendan Rutledge started working for Enmark Systems in the fall of 1999. He has been around long enough to know a little bit about a lot of different things. Rutledge receives constant praise from customers and co-workers alike. Rarely does a day pass that his work isn't described as "adequate", or "acceptable". Rutledge's interests include, but are not limited to: comically woven conversations about trivial things and events… and freshly baked cookies.

Joe Fellwock

Joe Fellwock is the Sales Manager at Enmark Systems, serving as the overseer for sales, advertising, marketing and the lucrative Enmark Sales Internship Program. Graduating from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business (Public Relations) in May of 2009, Fellwock interned at Enmark following graduation. After his internship, he was hired in full time in September of 2009. While at Ferris State, he actively participated in Registered Student Organizations including Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inter Fraternal Council and Public Relations Student Society of America. Fellwock enjoys being involved in ice hockey (stopping pucks) and working out (EnGym). He is also an avid traveler.

Kathi Dvorin

Before Kathi worked for Enmark, she and Rodney and Michael lived in the same neighborhood just down the street from Enmark. Many evenings were spent with their kids running and playing together while they made dinners and talked shop. Kathi’s passion has always been customer service. She has travelled all over the country as a keynote speaker and conference leader for incorporating a great service ethic into all kinds of businesses. After a few years, the neighborhood talks turned to what Kathi might be able to bring to Enmark. Eight years later, she is an integral part of the team at Enmark and especially the support department where many of you call or email for help. Her number one goal is to make every one of our 2500+ users feel like they’re the only customer when they get in touch with a question.

Marcus Voran

Marcus Voran works in the Quality Control Department at Enmark Systems. Voran graduated from the University of Michigan with a Finance Degree. He joined Enmark in 2012 working in the Eniteo Support Department for 3 years till moving into Quality Control. He is Married to Ling and has one child – Mason.

Mark ("The Schil") Schildgen

Was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a proud family of Cheeseheads, not Coneheads, CHEESE HEADS, Packer Fans tried and true. He graduated Magna Cum Lucky from High School in 1979 and went off to serve the USA for 13 years in the U.S. Air Force. He is a Veteran of Foreign Wars having served in Desert Shield and Storm. After Leaving the Air Force in 1992, he worked in Manufacturing as a Procurement Manager and also worked in the steel Industry in many positions including General Manager. He has worked for Enmark in Support with the UNIX and Eniteo Platforms for over 14 years.

Michael Rybicki

Michael Rybicki is the Vice President of Enmark Systems. Serving on the Board of Directors, Rybicki has a wealth of experience in programming, networks and databases. Graduating from Western Michigan University with a Computer Since Degree, he joined Enmark in 1992 and has risen through the ranks to become a managing partner. Rybicki has been an integral part of the progression of Eniteo and is the Product Manager responsible for Development, Support and Implementation. He is married to Leslie and has two children – Nicholas and Riley.

Michelle Green

Shelly has been in the steel business since 1988. She first got to know Enmark on the other side of the phone as an Enmark customer. These years of experience in our customers’ shoes give Shelly a unique perspective when fielding calls and questions through our helpdesk and when in the field bringing our newest customers live on the software. Her roots in software support and training began seven years ago with our flat rolled customers which is why she is such an important and driving force in the development of our product line for our flat rolled customers. Shelly joined our Eniteo Support Team more than three years ago and takes many of your calls and emails when she’s not out on the road with new customers. Her knowledge of the business and our software make her an incredible asset to our team.

Mike Couch

Mike Couch is the Eniteo Support Manager at Enmark Systems. In addition to taking your high level support calls, he is actively involved in day to day operations at Enmark. Graduating from Western Michigan University with a concentration in Accounting, Couch began his adventure at Enmark in 2005 and has risen to become one of the more influential voices from the Eniteo Support Team.

Mike Voran

Mike Voran has been a member of the Eniteo Support Department since 2014. Focusing mainly on the implementation of Eniteo, Mike spends most of the year on the road. Prior to working at Enmark, Voran graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. During his tenure he was also a member of their Varsity Hockey program. In his spare time Mike enjoys playing golf and rooting on the Detroit sports teams.

Todd Chappell

Todd Chappell started working for Enmark Systems back in 1989 after studying computer science engineering and electrical engineering at Western Michigan University. His duties were to implement new technologies (like dial-up modems!), develop new strategies that streamline installations and enhance and create new cutting edge software. Chappell serves on the Board of Directors and develops for the legacy Flat-rolled and Multi-line software packages as well as the Eniteo platform. He is married and has three children.