3rd Party Integrations

Enmark System’s Development Team takes pride in collaborating with 3rd Party Software Platforms that further enhance your business. When your business incorporates the power of Eniteo with a 3rd Party Software, you increase your operation’s ability to service your customers.

Avalara is one of the leading tax compliance software packages in the market. When integrated with Eniteo, calculating tax becomes automated. What was once a headache now becomes a distant memory.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a major player in the CRM world. Incorporating Microsoft’s powerful customer management interface with Eniteo’s industry-specific platform ensures the competitive edge for your Metal Service Center.


ROMAC Linear nesting allows you to service your customers at a fast pace while optimizing your cuts. Whether the job is ten lines or 100, ROMAC, when integrated with Eniteo, allows you to produce the most product with the least amount of scrap.

YayPay is an Account Receivables enhancement platform that makes collection more intuitive. When integrated with Eniteo, collections become easy and predictable.

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